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Beyond the Badge – Police Officers & PTSD

STOP suffering from PTSD… There IS HOPE! As a law enforcement officer or a first responder, you are always on the front line. Always on duty, even when you are “off duty”…both day and night. The chronic stress generated by your work can be extremely detrimental. And even the strongest men and women can suffer […]

Beyond the Badge: Spotlight on Sergeant Jim Benitez

Sergeant Jim Benitez: Sergeant Benitez is the South Metro Motor Sergeant who has been on-duty for 22 years.  In 1995 Jim Benitez was sworn in as an officer. He worked the road for the first 7 years on-duty.  Sergeant Benitez has experience working in many units within his police agency such as the Vehicle Theft […]

Beyond the Badge: Events

These Officers Though! Several Arizona Police Officers volunteered their personal time to work off-duty. These great guys provided event security and traffic control for the Cancer Hope and Awareness Month for Pediatrics 5K Event on Saturday, September 16th, 2017 at Kiwanis Park in Tempe Arizona. We came out to the event not only to support September […]

Beyond the Badge- Life Hack for Police Wives

Life Hack for Police Wives- Organization for Police Gear Written and provided by a seasoned police wife… Whether your LEO (law enforcement officer), works on-duty or off-duty, days, mid-shift or graves, his police uniform and all his police gear has to go somewhere when he checks 10-7. For my husband, the place where his police […]

Beyond the Badge Blog

We are Law Enforcement Specialists! What does that mean exactly? We are a group of mothers, grandmothers, daughters, police wives, aunts, and sisters that believe in God, supporting our families and the Thin Blue Line. In addition, we are committed to supporting ALL law enforcement officers around the world. We specialize in providing a resource […]