Traffic Services Throughout Arizona

Law Enforcement Specialists, Inc. goes beyond private security services for high-profile individuals and commercial establishments. We provide traffic control services throughout Arizona to keep you, your crew, your haul, and commuters safe on the road.

Our security company wants your team to do their job well. Allow us to worry about road safety so that they can focus on operating to the best of their abilities. We provide two types of road safety services: wide-load services and traffic services.

Wide-Load Services

Safe delivery is a top priority when load transportation is at a major part of your business. For this reason, you have to invest in road safety solutions for your large and heavy load. Educating and training your crew on road safety may not be enough, though.

When you need to transport large haul, consider hiring an oversized load escort from us. Our off-duty police officers will make sure that your crew safely gets your wide-load haul to its destination. We help your crew navigate their way in high traffic areas, ensuring the safety of commuters and sticking to the timetable you provide.

Traffic Services

Clients from the construction industry may need to have roads closed when their operations affect public streets or driveways. In this case, you can rely on our off-duty police officers for orderly traffic control and road construction safety management.

Our contractors make sure your construction crew is safe when they are working onprivate roads or property. Additionally, our contractors look after vehicular and pedestrian safety when your operations might affect commuters. This way, we help your team stick to your estimated schedule. We also help minimize safety risks that could cost your company a lot in damages.

What Can You Expect from Us?

Law Enforcement Specialists, Inc. is a nationally licensed and insured security company. Our solid network of contractors includes more than 10,000 off-duty police officers from over 600 departments nationwide. As such, we can arrange a traffic security detail for you anytime you need it, anywhere in Arizona.

On a related note, our services are available for both short and long term. Just let us know what type of road security you need and for how long — we will take care of the rest.

Why Do You Need Police Security?

Police security keeps your large haul safe when you need to transport it. It keeps your construction crew and commuters safe when you have a road project. In addition to road safety, police security is also beneficial tothe growth of your business.

Our officers take care of road safety so that your team can focus on getting the job done within a certain timeframe. Our officers also look after vehicle and pedestrian safety to minimize business liabilities that may result from accidents and other unexpected incidents.